Best Budget FPV Drones (Under $100) In 2020: Buyers Guide

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Drone flying can be an expensive hobby, but believe it or not, there are actually some pretty good budget drones out there. Whether you’re looking for a cheap introduction to flying, or the perfect gift for someone else, drones don’t have to cost megabucks.

What you need in an FPV drone

There are a few things to consider when buying an FPV drone, and they are:

  • High quality (good materials so it’s not going to just smash into a thousand bits when it crashes)
  • Good battery life (Although this can be upgraded and modified very easily)
  • A good FPV camera: You want wide angle, and low latency so it’s faster to update on your FPV goggles

The best and cheapest FPV drones in 2020

Here are some of the best budget drones of 2020, so you can take to the skies for less than $100.

The links open in new tabs and should take you to the best place to buy that drone online right now. I’d suggest looking carefully at the specs for each one, because they’re each good for different things.

If you’re just looking for the best drone for your FIRST drone, I’d suggest reading my article on that instead of this because this is focused on FPV drones in general.

Anyway, on with the list:

1: REDPAWZ R011 Micro FPV Racing Drone

Redpawz R011 FPV Drone

This drone is one of the best budget drones for those looking to experience FPV flying for the first time. It’s a good size, so it’s a great little racer, and easy to take out and about. Also, the goggles in this set I personally believe are one of the best fpv goggles for drone flying as they just don’t have any lag, so everything you see is in real time.

What makes the Redpawz such a good choice is the fact that it comes with everything you need – the drone, the controller, the built in camera and the FPV goggles. It’s not often you find a drone that comes with all that, especially not for less than $100.

The controller it comes with is super easy to use, and of a much better quality than you’d expect to see with a budget drone. Then there are the goggles, which can often be a whole other expense in themselves.

The picture is great, and is crystal clear as long as the drone is within range. As for the range, it’s pretty impressive as far as mini drones go.

2: GordVE RC Foldable Drone

GordVE RC Drone

This is one of the most popular budget quadcopters on the market, and for good reason. It may be small, but it’s lightning fast, and can do some cool flips and rolls. The GordVE also has a 720p HD camera, that record videos and take photos, so whether you’re looking for a racing drone or a camera drone, it’s perfect for any drone flyer.

This drone also has a few features that make it perfect for first time flyers. For example, if you let go of the throttle it stays hovering in the same position, so you can rest assured that you’re not going to come crashing to the ground any time soon. This feature also makes it easy to get good shots with the drone camera.

The GordVE is one of the most technologically advanced budget drones out there, with a one key automatic return option, so it flies right back to you at the click of a button. The app it connects to is also fairly impressive, you can even use it to plan a flight path for your drone!

The drone comes with a controller that you can attach your phone to. The controller is of top quality, and with your phone slotted into the top, you’ll see what your drone sees as you fly. If you want a more realistic FPV view, you can always slot your phone into a VR box, or get yourself some goggles to connect to the drone (these aren’t included though).

3: ScharkSpark Flying Egg Drone

ScharkSpark Flying Egg Drone

NOTE: This drone is no longer available. Try this one with similar specs.

This drone has a slightly unusual shape, which makes it great if you’re looking for something a little more quirky than your average quadcopter. ScharkSpark even advertise it as a paintable drone, so you can really make your drone stand out!

It’s a good choice for those just starting out in the world of drone-flying, thanks to features like one-key take off and landing, the emergency landing, and the gravity sensor.

But that’s not to say that it’s not suited to more advanced flyers as well. There are three speed options, so as you get more confident flying you can up the speed and turn this beginner drone into a racer.

4: PowMax WW-26 Foldable Mini Drone

PowMax WW-26 Foldable Mini Drone

NOTE: This drone is no longer available. Try this one with similar specs.

If you’re looking for a drone that you can fly any time, any where, and have complete control over, this might just be it.

It has built-in night lights so that you can fly it both during the day and night. The gyroscopic propellers also make it easy to fly outdoors, even if the wind has picked up a little, as they stabilise the drone when it’s thrown off balance.

It comes with a controller that works alongside your phone, which connects to the drone’s 720P camera, showing you what the drone sees. And there are multiple control settings for you to play around with.

To make it a bit easier and more accessible for beginners though, the drone has an easy one key take off and land button. Plus, with the protective guard, it’s fairly durable, so it can take a few crashes without sustaining any damage.

5: GZJJX RC Drone (foldable)


NOTE: This drone is no longer available. Try this one with similar specs.

This drone is sleek, portable and a great little racer. It has three different speed modes, so whether you just want a budget drone to practice your flying skills with, or you want to tear through the skies and weave in and out of obstacles at high speeds, the GZJJX is great for everyone.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this drone is the open gravity sensor mode, where the drone will follow the controller, keeping a safe distance, and without the need for you to control it.

What is the best budget fpv drone in 2019?

To be honest, at the moment (from the drones we’ve tested and known about) the Redpawz R011 takes the spot again.

Redpawz R011 FPV Drone

This is simply because the hardware it comes with is very good, and it’s just EASY to get in the air, and controlling the drone. It comes with some of the best FPV goggles we’ve seen in a long time, and it’s a great way to get into FPV flying. Check it out here! Or you could read our review of the Redpawz here.

I think one of the reasons this is the best FPV drone for a budget, is because it comes with everything!

The goggles, transmitter and battery. It’s also very hard to break so when you crash (and you will) it won’t break! It also won’t damage anything if it smashes into something round your house.

PRO TIP: I spent a lot of time writing a pretty detailed guide on becoming a better drone racer. It’s very interesting and breaks down exactly what to do to become a better drone racer within just a few weeks, check it out!

UPDATE 2020: It’s not actually the Redpawz any more. If you want to ONLY spend less than $100, then yes get the Redpawz r011, but if you have a little bit more, you should REALLY consider the BetaFPV Beta65 drone. Trust me!

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