The Best FPV Drone Goggles In 2020 Compared: Buyers Guide

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Today we’re going to be looking at the best FPV goggles for drone racing that you can find in 2020, and how to choose between them.

To start with, FPV stands for first person view and is commonly used by drone racers to see what the drone sees while you race or pilot the drone. It lets you get inside the cockpit and really feel what it’s like to be the drone.

Interesting story, we almost named our website/brand ‘Divenire FPV’ meaning ‘to become’ in Italian, because FPV flying is a lot about becoming the drone and feeling what it’s like to fly, that’s what it means for us at least. 

FPV goggles come in different shapes and the best ones are always the ones that feel right and fit right for YOU. Everyone’s eyes and head are different, so you need to think about what you’d feel comfortable in.

The best FPV drone goggles for beginners in 2019

1: Eachine VR 007 FPV goggles

UPDATE: These goggles are no longer available. Try these with similar specs.

These goggles are a very robust pair of goggles, and they’re very cheap. One of the most annoying things about starting out with FPV drone flying is that things seem very expensive. All of the parts you need to fly can quickly add up, BUT these goggles, are very affordable.

2: Fat Shark FSV1063 Dominator V3s

These FatSharks are great. Not only because they look incredible, but because instead of ONE screen inside, there’s actually two, one for each eye. This makes the FPV experience a lot better and makes you really feel like you’re IN the drone!

3: REDPAWZ FPV Goggles

UPDATE: These goggles are no longer available. Try these with similar specs.

These are the better version of the goggles that RedPawz give you in their all in one tiny drone FPV pack (mentioned below). They’re really long range, high quality and the signal you get from these is actually pretty strong, even indoors and in other rooms where there are things blocking the signal.

4: REDPAWZ all in one FPV tiny drone package

This was the first FPV drone that I ever tried. It’s an all in one FPV set with a drone with an FPV camera, FPV goggles (that work with dozens of OTHER drones by the way) and a remote controller.

I’ve actually modded this set to make it more long range and better, but I’ll come back and link to that post when it’s written! 

Here’s a short video I made showing me flying this FPV setup indoors: 

5: Eachine EV800 FPV goggles

These are probably the most high quality that we’ve spoken about today, and are a great choice if you don’t care about how much they cost and just want the best quality. For a beginner, it might be a bit out of your initial price range, but if you have the spare cash, get them.

They’re amazing, and will really help you get into FPV flying, which is something that might be more difficult if you have a low quality set of goggles. The thing is, when you START FPV flying, you’re going to crash a lot, so your first thing to make sure you do is know how to FIX a drone.

The second thing is to make sure you can see where you’re going, ALL the time. These goggles are great for that because they’re just better for signal transmission and reception. They’ll make sure that even when flying indoors, you’ll always be able to see where you’re going, WHICH will hopefully lead to fewer crashes.

The best FPV set for beginners?

This is going to come as a strange choice for those of you who have already got into drone flying and know a little bit about the hobby. I’m going to suggest the Redpawz beginner FPV set.

The reason for that, is that firstly, it’s super cheap so it won’t break the bank, and it will let you get into FPV and have those first few crashes without worrying about losing a lot of money on broken drones..

Also, because it’s so simple and there are lots of spare parts online for this drone, if something goes wrong you can learn to fix it. Solder a new motor on, mod the propellers etc, you can learn all of that fairly easily with this drone.

The FPV goggles it comes with are comfortable, have a 45 minute battery life and are rechargeable. It’s really the perfect setup for beginners. The only thing I would do is when you get the transmitter, unscrew it, and gently pull the antenna at the top (in the middle at the top) through so it pokes out of the controller.

This gives you a LOT more range and just doing this means you’re able to control the drone all around your house, different rooms etc, with no trouble at all. Check it out here!

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