About TranscendFPV: Our Story

This site was started mainly from passion. 

I decided that I LOVED drones and flying them, and I just wanted somewhere to share my thoughts and research because my friends were getting annoyed that I was always talking about drones!

I fly mainly indoors drones to be honest but I also do some flying with DJI drones like the DJI Spark, and capturing video etc. I love diving into research and commenting on what’s going on in the drone industry, and I LOVE writing and sharing things with the world!

What you can find on this site

This site contains all sorts of things from tutorials to reviews and comparisons. I always try and write in an informal, casual style so it’s easier to read and more fun. I don’t like the sites that talk in super technical language. I’ll be technical when I need to be for example when talking about specifics of certain drones.

But for the most part, I just like writing and sharing what I know about drones. As this site grew, it became a small team and now the articles you read aren’t JUST coming from me. There’s a research team and a writing team that makes these articles and makes sure they’re the BEST quality they possibly can be.

If you want to support this site, we do earn a small commission if you click on a link and then buy something. This is at no extra cost to you but it really helps us out and makes it easier to keep writing and creating this site!

Where to find us online!

YouTube channel

We don’t have profiles on the other social media platforms because drone flying is a largely VISUAL thing, so it doesn’t make sense for us to have a Twitter! What would we tweet about?! But you can find us on those profiles and of course this website. 

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