Reasons People Fly Drones: Why This Trend Is Growing So Fast

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Why do lots of people fly drones?

Drone flying is still a fairly new hobby, but it’s growing very quickly.

There are many reasons people choose to fly drones, mainly for fun but also for all sorts of other reasons.

Drone flying is a hobby like any other and so there doesn’t really need to be a reason to fly a drone, other than just you want to or it’s fun. That being said, there are MANY uses and reasons to fly drones, and they’re not just for fun either. Here are the main ones

Reasons people fly drones

These are in no particular order by the way. At the end there will be a lovely infographic to show you some reasons people fly drones and what they can be used for. If you do share this or use it on your website, please link back to this website and this article, thanks! 

1: Just for fun (most of us are in this category)

Alright, let’s be honest most of us fly drones for fun. There’s no other reason, we just like it and it’s like any other toy. we just like the feeling of being able to fly around in a little flying toy, and punch through tiny gaps while looking through your FPV goggles sitting on your sofa.

Here’s a little video of us flying around the house and going through tiny gaps! (Subscribe to the channel if you like it)

2: To make money (commercially or as a business)

Another main reason people fly drones is to make money. There are a huge number of ways to make money flying drones, from charging people to film things like weddings and events right up to filming and inspecting wind turbines without having to actually climb up there yourself.

In fact there are entire businesses cropping up that centre around inspecting things (wind turbines, oil pipes, machinery, real estate) from the air that might otherwise be hard to get a look at, and it’s a trend and an industry that will only grow and become bigger. We’ve made a list of the best commercial drones on the market if you’re interested!

3: For escapism or to become something else

This is a slightly different reason, but certainly one I can relate to. Lots of people fly drones for a certain type of escapism. Being able to control and become a different thing entirely, by putting on your goggles, and only seeing what the drone sees is a huge form of escapism.

It allows you to switch off from everything else and just become a drone! I have always had the desire and dream of being able to fly, and this is probably the closest you can get to it without jumping out of a plane or playing a video game.

Why people love flying drones (infographic)

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