Here we will collect a list of useful resources and tools for FPV drone flying, drone racing and other quadcopter related activities. This list is not in any particular order, and most of these links should open in a new tab so you can always come back here. Enjoy!

The best drones you can buy online

  • Spark: Probably the most versatile drone on the internet, because it’s so beginner friendly, but also has a LOT of powerful hardware included. You can fly this straight out of the box.
  • Mavic: Like the Spark but more powerful, and for the more advanced drone pilot. This has a longer flight time, more powerful motors, better camera etc…
  • Redpawz R011 (Beginners FPV set): For FPV racing and flying THIS is the best beginner set. It comes with everything you possibly need, FPV goggles (see our list of the best FPV goggles compared), transmitter, drone, batteries, charger etc. There is no cheaper and better way to get into FPV flying.
  • Phantom (DJI): This is more for the videographers among us, and is better used for slow panning shots and arial photos. MASSIVE range and control, but not really for racing.

Useful drone tutorials

Here is a playlist of useful drone related tutorials I’ve created for you. There are videos here about modifying your transmitters, boosting your range, flying better, and a whole load of other stuff. Make sure to subscribe to the actual channel for updates!

Drone insurance

Drone insurance is actually going to be required in many parts of the world, so check with your local authorities as to whether or not you need it. We’ll be listing the best drone insurance companies here soon!

Drone flight training and tutorials

Here we will list all the drone training companies and programs we’ve found and reviewed. There are a lot to choose from, and at some point depending on where in the world you are, you’ll need to get proper training in order to get your license. Bookmark this page and check back in a week or so.