25+ Best Drone YouTube Channels (Racing, Tutorials, Reviews + More!)

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best drone youtube channels

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If you’re like me, you are obsessed with watching YouTube videos. I have spent countless hours going down the YouTube rabbit hole finding all the best drone youtube channels and I thought it would be cool to make a list of them for myself as well as my readers.

What are the best drone youtube channels in 2020?

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What makes a good drone youtube channel?

Obviously everyone has different tastes when it comes to the videos they like to watch but to just give you an idea of my criteria when making this list, I will go over what I think makes a fantastic drone youtube channel.

For tips and tutorial videos, I am looking for a knowledgeable person who can break things down into simple, easy-to-follow steps. I also love when they explain something in multiple ways to help get the idea across.

For drone reviews, I want details! I want a person who can not only read off a spec sheet but can provide real tangible benefits and comparisons to help me when researching a new drone to buy.

For drone news, I need frequency. If I am going to subscribe to a drone news youtube channel, I want them to be uploading consistently and covering all the major news stories as well as some that aren’t as well known.

For drone racing, I want coverage of events, race breakdowns and commentary, as well as some tips and tricks for the wannabe racer in me.

For drone footage, I am mostly looking for creativity. Someone who just constantly flips and spins with no purpose gives me a headache. I love unique scenery and obstacles and creative runs.

So now that you know what I am looking for in a drone youtube channel, let’s cover the categories I broke these channels down into.

Types of drone youtube channels

While a lot of the channels listed below will have videos from multiple categories, there are some that focus on a specific category or excel at one over another.

Drone flying tips and tutorials

We are all trying to learn how to be better drone pilots or how to modify or build our own drones. There are a couple of really good drone youtube channels dedicated to these sorts of tutorial videos.

As mentioned above, I am looking for experts to teach me something new! And it’s not enough to just be good, they also have to be really good at TEACHING and breaking down complex things into simple steps.

Drone reviews

Drone technology is changing rapidly and new drone models are being released every year. Finding accurate and helpful reviews for all these new drones is sometimes difficult.

Thanks to the internet, we all do a lot more research before purchasing something, especially something as expensive as a drone.

Youtube channels dedicated to reviewing all the latest and greatest products in the drone industry need to not only provide the specifications but ideally actually test the drone and compare it to other models in the same price range.

I want to find all the information I need to make a purchase decision in one video, not ten.

Drone news

With how quickly things change in the drone world, it is sometimes difficult keeping up with everything.

That’s where a great drone youtube channel dedicated to covering all the latest drone news can be a real, lifesaver. Subscribing to one of the drone news channels below will virtually guarantee you don’t miss out!

Drone racing

Following drone racing and becoming a better drone racer are two things that I love!

I can’t get enough of drone racing footage as well as tips and tricks that will make me that much faster the next time I take my drone out.

While some national TV coverage has started to show up around drone racing leagues and competition, we still have to mostly rely on youtube and other platforms to watch the pros race.

Luckily for us, there are a couple fantastic drone youtube channels dedicated to drone racing!

Drone footage

There is something oddly satisfying about watching FPV videos of an expert drone pilot whipping and flipping his way through unique scenery!

Whether it’s flying through old ruins or just a neighborhood park, the perspective, speed and control of well shot drone footage can captivate you for hours.

Best drone tutorial youtube channels

Joshua Bardwell

This guy knows his stuff and has a drone youtube channel packed with informative videos that will take your drone knowledge to the next level! My favorite videos are a series on how to build a budget drone. Highly recommend!

Le Drib

Le Drib has all kinds of great video content especially with the ones showing off his flying skills but his tutorial videos are some of the best explanations on Youtube. He does have some car stuff thrown in there but the vast majority of his youtube channel is drone related.

Best drone reviews youtube channels

Captain Drone

When it comes to everything drone reviews, Captain Drone cannot be beat! He is extremely knowledgeable and you would be hard pressed to find more thorough reviews of all the new drones and accessories coming out on the market today!

Tom’s Tech Time

While not exclusively a drone youtube channel, Tom’s Tech Time is carving out a nice little niche reviewing a bunch of drones and comparing them providing you the viewer with all the great information you need to make your next purchase!

Best drone news youtube channels

Pilot Institute

In addition to all their great courses like Drone Flying 101, Pilot Institute’s drone youtube channel is a great source for all the latest drone news!

Drone U

Drone U is one of the top places to learn drone flying online. Their youtube channel also does a great job of covering drone news as well as providing great tips and tutorials!

Best drone racing youtube channels

Drone Racing League

The Drone Racing League is the professional drone racing circuit and they have one of the best drone youtube channels highlighting all the fast paced action of FPV drone racing!


From virtual racing to live events, MultiGP is a drone racing league dedicated to the sport of drone racing and providing incredible video coverage to share with the community. You can also find industry news and tutorial videos but the racing is the big appeal!

Best drone footage youtube channels

Rotor Riot

As far as pure drone lover entertainment goes, Rotor Riot is where it’s at! They have a bunch of wildly entertaining videos and while they do reviews of drones and tutorial videos, the vast majority of their videos are unique drone videos for pure amusement!


Much like Rotor Riot, BotGrinderFPV is just loads of pure drone fun! Mostly comprised of entertaining vlog content and drone footage, this is hours of binge watching waiting to happen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Cricket FPV

Cricket FPV just has hours and hours of incredible drone flying footage worth binging. He has more recently gotten into the vlogging game but his flying videos are what make him a drone youtube channel worth subscribing to!

Other great drone youtube channels

My top drone youtube channel

Rotor Riot is my number one pick if you are just looking for a drone youtube channel to keep you entertained, teach you a few things and have some laughs along the way!

There is a ton of content on their channel so be prepared for some binge watching with some popcorn and lots of free time!

Bonus drone youtube channel

I would be wrong not to include my own channel! While I am mostly focused on the blog right now, there are some great videos on drone modifications and reviews. Check it out here!

If a more structured course for learning all the tricks of drone flying is more your style, make sure to check out the Drone Maneuvers Mastery course from Pilot Institute. It will walk you through all the tricks and techniques to have you flying like your favorite drone youtuber in no time!